being beat by the heat

I have to say, for my first post on my first what’s-going-on-in-my-head blog, I am extremely uncomfortable. It is hot. No. It is scorching. It is absolutely unbearably hot and it does not help that I have been on my computer for the past 12 hours which adds about an extra 10 degrees to the room.  So it is approximately 94 degrees in my apartment and it is 10:25PM. What is this Chicago?  I’m starting to regret that trip to Target with all of my roommates where I straight up refused to buy a window AC for my bedroom because I thought I was too cool for it (pun somewhat intended) and I like “fresh breezes coming off from the lake through my window”. Well, you know what? There is currently no breeze billowing through my bedroom windows. In fact, it is so hot in my bedroom that I have been sleeping on the air mattress on the floor of the living room for the past few nights because it allows me to savor the pathetic stream of AC coming out from underneath Ainsley’s door. I mean, it is nearly impossible to believe that months ago it was too painfully cold to walk to the library even when I was wearing my Russian Eskimo Hat. I can’t even talk about my Russian Eskimo Hat it makes me so hot. (But yes, my Russian Eskimo Hat is awesome enough to be capitalized.

my sad, suffering lucky bean plant

dead kitty. okay not really but her attitude basically sums up the day

Anywho…where was I? Oh yes. I was just about to tell you all the going-ons in my head right now. The Laurelbury Tales. I must admit that I spent an entire evening trying to come up with a catchy name that would suit this blog and I am not even sure this title is going to stay. But I like it…for now. It is making reference to The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. One of my all-time favorite books of all time. (Unfortunately, the blog is not cool enough yet to be italicized). Sometimes I wonder why I like that book. I found it rather refreshing when I read it in our AP English class. Who knew someone back then had such a sense of humor? It will definitely be an accessory in my Perfect Future Little House/Apartment (PFLH/A) and it will be a huge thick copy of this book with flaking faded gold writing on it, as if the person who owned it before me read it every day.

I started this blog because the things I wanted to get out of my head just didn’t seem to fit into my other two active blogs–one regarding my reflections and progress of my Google Summer of Code project. The other one involved me updating the world about everything that is happening with my Vietnam Fulbright project. I have nerves, anxiety, and excitement surrounding my leaving for Vietnam, but I want there to be more to this site than just that. I want to be able to express how I feel on a more day-to-day basis rather than just the big picture of things going on. Through my own looking glass. (And yes that is a reference to Alice and all of her adventures.)

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