putting the yohe in yoga

My original idea for this blog has become somewhat of an epic failure. A blog for the going-ons in my head. Hmm…Its not like there have been no going-ons in my head–I just have encountered one too many of those moments where you start thinking of something what would be a really great and awesome blog post and it just never makes into writing, lost forever in unwritten blog abyss. I have to be honest here. A few days ago, an absurd idea popped into my head to create yet ANOTHER blog. This time it would be on my soulful journey of trying to get really good at yoga. Such a typical Laurel thing to do. It was going to take the approach of one of those “wellness blogs” that I forever will aspire to have. However, I have come to the conclusion that this adventure is more of a Laurelbury Tale, rather than something that needs to be categorized in its own blog and never amount to what its supposed to be. My dreams of trying to become a really awesome yoga person can just fit right in with a going-on in my life.

I mainly wanted to start documenting this particular Laurelbury Tale in order to see if I can actually commit to this (and if I can to see how my attitudes and body progress). As good ol’ Barbara says in my Power Yoga video “The Joy is in the Journey”. So horrendously corny (almost as horrendous as the word “corny”), but so true. I am currently on Day #2 of My Journey to Becoming a Stable and Enlightened Human Being. Let me clarify that this is not my first attempt at yoga. I have tried doing this similar adventure before but things have always turned out the same. After two weeks, the commitment wears off. And I want to understand why. Before coming to Vietnam, I had this glorious “Eat Pray Love” vision of waking up and meditating every day and doing perfect Vinyasa flows and all that jazz. Although I did join a yoga studio, things fell apart (for reasons not worth mentioning) and I simultaneously fell off the bandwagon. So…here I am again. I have concluded the obvious fact that yoga is extremely mental and I think it would be interesting to try to follow my train of thought as I carry on. So now I am going to write about how I feel and what I am good at and not good at to see if I can maybe set my couple of goals for myself.

Yesterday, I completed the “full workout” of the Intermediate Level of my video that I can’t get enough of.

Weaknesses to Improve: hamstring flexibility, revolved triangle pose, and triceps strength and control. My yoga push up is nearly non-existent and it really causes my Vinyasa flow to be more stressful than enjoyable. This is a time when I would rather not have a video and try to work it out on my own. However, I want to keep with the video a few more days to refresh things for me. Also my side planks felt very weak and my arms and abs are definitely sore today from those. My hamstrings are also very sore. The last thing I should comment on is how my mental clarity is also not there at all. I get so sidetracked and think about things such as creating a yoga blog instead of actually concentrating on the yoga.


Pats on the Back: lower back flexibility–I LOVE cobra pose. It feels sooooo effing good. My tree pose was also better than what I remember. I just really have to cultivate mental clarity when it comes to that and I think I can progress quickly. Also, the pose I am DETERMINED more than ever to get good at is Bakasana (crane pose). It looks so lovely and so controlled. I think it is a plausible goal to reach after taking the advice of my (definitely former) yoga instructor, in which I need to shift my balance from my palms  to my fingers and back again. And don’t be scared to fall forward a little. YAY!

Today, I did the Balancing Energy intermediate level. I think it was good for how sore my muscles were, but I think I prefer to warm-up a little bit more with some Sun Salutations or some of the stretches to open up my hamstrings and shoulders before jumping right into a Vinyasa flow. Also, my mind was yet again all over the place. I need to keep telling myself that everything can be worked out after I finish my exercise. None of that is important at the moment.

Now, to carry on with my life and hope that this positive energy continues to ebb and flow into tomorrow. My mind, heart, and soul feel like they are a racquetball court, and all of my ideas, emotions, and thoughts look like what happens after you hit the ball super hard against the wall and have to duck and pray to the Lord Almighty it doesn’t hit you. In other words, feeling a bit out of control right now and hard to keep track of. Such is life. And that was a super impressive metaphor/simile thing I created just above. Another pat on the back for meeee.


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