Once again, Laurelbury Tales is undergoing some modifications. I am trying to decide what I want this blog to be. And I guess I want it to be just as the title implies, a collection of Laurelbury Tales. Things that happen to me. Things that would happen to me. There are so many fleeting moments throughout the day where I think about how this or that would make for a great blog post. But alas, the thought escapes me and is most likely remains floating aimlessly in the blog post idea abyss forever. I was somewhat turning this into a travel blog since the last year of my life was ridiculously cool and I went to ridiculously awesome places. Alas again, now I have strapped myself down into a PhD program which will continuously demand for the next 5 Christmases for me to explain to my family why I have chosen to return to school again. Please note the dry sarcasm, as I am thrilled to be back in school only to be paid to think of any question in the entire world that I find interesting and then … answer it. It is pretty cool, but it doesn’t seem as glittery to blog about when comparing biking through rice paddies in Bali with waiting for the next installment of my rabies vaccine so I can work on extracting DNA from bat brain tissue (okay, I guess it depends on my audience…see the struggle here?).

So at this moment in time, I am revamping Laurelbury Tales to be whatever I darn-right feel like talking about. And if you choose to sit and listen, thanks! I still have plenty of travel stories and photos to share but those will be posts for a rainy day. Just don’t want to lose my followers (all 2 of you)! Granted, the most attention this blog receives anyway is due to that eventful day of being scammed by the Filipino mafia in Cambodia. Thank goodness for that!

Seeing as it is 2013 now and I am six days into its prime, I guess I should think about that whole changing-for-the-better thing. Run more. Smile more. Study more. Sleep more. Travel more. Read more.  Save more money. Goodness, what a paradox.

Even still, 2013, I am welcoming you with open arms.

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