2o13, you are no longer welcome with open arms. 2012 was moving along just fine until you came around. I gave you a chance, but since you have decided to royally suck, I bear the right to complain. In the past 10 days, I have managed to wreck my car into a pole serving absolutely no purpose, “crack” the screen to my macbook, lose a textbook that I borrowed, and realize some jackass jacked a bunch of stuff from our sunroom after one of our last parties. On top of that, I have our neighbors chopping down every tree ever known to man next door so the incessant whirr (buzz? grumble? [insert whatever unbearable noise]) of chainsaws and wood chippers are here to entertain me. Lab would be a good solution if there were actually WIFI in my lab.  Relax, you say? Do something to take your mind off of things, you say? Funny you should mention that, as my adviser just advised me that if I am looking into taking up a new hobby, I am not doing enough as a graduate student. Mmk, then.


2013, are you trying to teach me something? After rambling off a profusion of first world issues, I am wondering  if you are trying to show me how stiff I have once again become since returning to this country and yet again, taking on a self-inflicted, overwhelming lifestyle. Okay, so say I see the silver-lining in which in all aforementioned scenarios, things could definitely be worse. I mean, thankfully I have been endowed with the talented gift of being able to raise hell in an Apple store in order to once again, “sort out” (a gentle i.e. breaking out into tears in the store/call the store manager leaving 12 consecutive angry voicemails within the same hour, etc.) any issue that I am having. I have accepted the fact long ago that I am a terrible driver so actually I am not the least bit surprised that I wreck my car within the first 4 months of owning it. At least it wasn’t  another car, right? K, learned my lesson, 2013, appreciate it. Ever thought it’d be nice to not be so unlucky as you sound, 2013?

I am trying to see what purpose this post served besides for my own sanity. Yet, my cat is still glaring like I have utterly lost my mind. Promise to contribute something useful to humanity next time.

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