brief insight into the stony brook coffee scam

A fleeting thought occurred to me Tuesday morning when I bought my coffee at the Student Activities Center (SAC) after Biometry class. I have recently begun frequenting this coffee stand due to the fact that they have 10 (yes, 10) flavors of brewed coffee in coffee dispensers that actually fully function. This is juxtaposed to the stressful encounter that you must face on a daily basis that is commonly known as the food cart in Life Sciences Building that pretty much only provides a medium roast that is never brewed, a dark roast that doesn’t dispense, vanilla bean (which only works before 9AM before it is actually all gone), and pumpkin spice (IT IS FEBRUARY). (No offense, it is a lovely cart Roseanne; yet, as much as you try to convince me there is still coffee in the dispenser and as much as you want it to be there, it’s usually not there).

Thus, I have now found it to be quite the treat to head over to the SAC. That is, until I have realized that the SAC spirit shop coffee is scamming everyone for all that they are worth. A large black coffee in life sciences is $1.82. A large black coffee in the SAC is …. $2.12! The nerve!!

And to top it all off, the SAC spirit shop hands out these little buy 10 coffees get one free card if you get it punched. So let’s do the ridiculously obvious math. If you buy 10 coffees at the SAC, that is $21.20. That also means if you bought 10 coffees at life science, it would be $18.20. This difference of $3.00 just goes to show that Stony Brook is actually pocketing $0.88 off of the coffee you think is free. HUFF!

Such the pickle now…should I boycott out of principle? But alas, the Southern Pecan coffee is just too unbearable for one’s own good.

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