an apology to alt-j ∆ on behalf of the entire city of new york

On Sunday I saw one of my top-5 favorite bands. Live. In Central Park.

I had seen Alt-J before at Webster Hall in NYC, but they have come a long way since then and it was going to be a much bigger crowd in an awesome place … and the weather was divine.

When I saw them last winter, it was a pretty sick show (a little album-y but let’s face it, the album is awesome) and therefore my friend and I did not hesitate to dance our asses off. Pretty much the only disappointment of the night was the audience. Throughout the entire show, the entire place sat around and either scowled at one another seemingly judging anyone having a good time OR deciding this was the perfect time to have loud conversations about how much he or she hates their stepdad or how expensive coat check was.

Okay, I get it. Not everyone is going to know every lyric. Not everyone likes dancing with no shame. Not everyone is going to spend $65 at the T-shirt tent. But I would like to think if you are going to pay a bunch of money to a sold out show you would show some sort of respect to the band. Anyways, I had just kind of brushed it off and made a narrow-minded assumption that it was just a combination of New Yorkers and millennials blended into one large crowd of “I’m too cool for you.”

I gave people another chance for this show. We really couldn’t have asked for a better night; the air was so crisp with magic and charge that it was virtually impossible to be in a bad mood.

I was fooled into thinking that the crowd would be any different. I don’t want to obnoxiously go on and on about how nobody seemed to care like they were there. But I mean, come on… when the band asks you to participate in a song and the lyrics are “OO-OO OO-OOO OOOOOO OOOO-OOOO”, one should be able to handle that. So on behalf of the entire city of NYC I just wanted to apologize to ∆ for being such a horrible crowd. I promise there were people there having the time of their life and are anxiously awaiting their return. We’ll try not to be so #lame next time.

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