Peru: Faique

Our next stop was up! Heading east toward the Andes, our destination was waaaay up in the clouds, a cozy little town called Faique. Cloud forests harbor unique ecosystems home to a wide diversity of different species. We stayed with a lovely little family that graciously shared a room for us to sleep and cooked us some unbelievably good food. The head of the house was a farmer, who grew everything from coffee to passion fruits in little patches along the mountain.


downtown Faique



view from the icy cold shower! 🙂

At dusk, we begin to set up the nets to catch the bats. Being this close to the equator, it gets dark super early compared to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.



Sturnira ludovici with its stunning shoulder patch

When bats emerge, so do all the other creepy crawly (or awesome) critters!


While showing us his farm (which basically meant and 1000m ascent on steep slippery terrain), our host also wanted to show us some rock crevices where he thought we may be able to find some bats. So as we gear up for a muddy in our fancy North Face boots, cargo pants, bandanas, etc., our host casually strolls up the mountain with a machete in his Sunday best.


My two favorite things about Faique: waterfalls and Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths).






One thing to remember about cloud forests is that all aspects of your life are exposed to a chronic mist. EVERYTHING is wet ALL the time. This leads to very exciting road conditions.



yes, that is a long way down

Cheers to our driver Jorgé who bravely got us out of this mess! 🙂

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