I have had an interesting life and most events are best shared as a Laurelbury Tale. This blog combines travel, science, and your daily dose of laurelness.

Eat your heart out.

One thought on “me

  1. please let me read from my not book in bali about 5 years ago kuta beach and a well spoken asian woman about 30yrs liked my slip on skuffs shoes one thing lead to another and her sister was about to leave for australia as a nurse and mother was so worried would i like to come for breakfast the next day and uncle and her will pick me up at the spot we were at at 7.30 am fine so away we went got to a house about 10 klms out of kuta and we pick the ex jockey up along the way in we go no signe of mum and the sister just had the bad car crash on the way to meet us out comes the golf pro cap and all to teach me the now i think he called it jackhigh asia but for my thinking go to my religion and my mother would turn over in her grave if i ever was to gamble no matter what game it was with that back in the car and back to kuta i was just lucky i feel to get away free as the trip back to kuta was very unpleasent

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